Bahia Blanca, Argentina


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Patagonia, land of weird and large animals
Sat Aug 24, 2002 12:09 pm

Well, we have LOTS to tell you all, so we left off...

OK, we spent a night in Buenos Aires after Uruguay to get our trip south sorted out. The next day in BA, we bought our bus tickets to Bahia Blanca, and killed our day though walking, eating, interenet, and seeing Men in Black 2 (which was pretty funny, but I don´t think the humor translated well because we were often the only ones laughing). Our bus left late at night, and we were finlly smart enough to get the most expensive seats we could come by. The full cama(bed in Spanish) was huge, lots of foot room, and we got blankets and food. OK, so the TV was broken directly in front of us, but you can´t expect everything to work... OH, and we spent most of the trip in our big expensive bus holding onto the arm rests in grim terror as the bus flew down the highway at about 80mph through torrential thunderstorms.

(Note from Alison - The scalding coffee that another passenger spilled in my lap was no fun either)

We arrived safe and sound around 7am, promptly checked into a hotel and slept until noon. That afternoon, we found the Museo del Puerto, a funky little museum by the port area. It details the immigrant experience, and had really tacky and weird exhibits. The people working there were lovely and spent a good deal of time talking to us.

The next day, the rain continued (oh yeah, its been raining since BA) and we thought we would see some other museums, but it turns out it was the Dia de San Martin and everything was shut, so we saw a REALLY crappy Argentinian movie called Apasionados and tried to eat lots. That night, we were off to Puerto Madryn and Patagonia.


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