Cochabamba, Bolivia


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Adventures in the big cities
Sun Nov 3, 2002 1:32 pm

Well, we didnt get to go to the catacombs under San Felipe in Sucre. Bit of a bummer, especially since we had heard stories about various improprieties that took place down there between nuns and priests and illegiamte babies stuck in the walls and stuff like that. We did get a great tour with a guy called Daniel who was a total nut and constantly quized us on the information he was giving. Funny thing, though... the next day we took the dino truck out to the cement factory to see dinosaur footprints, and our guide was none other than the same Daniel!! He must zoom around town giving all kinds of tours. At any rate, the dinosaur footprints were pretty interesting, but the best bit was the educational material before we walked over to see the footprints- a painting on the side of a building and plastic toy dinosuars in a sandbox area. Very educational.

From Sucre, we had an overnight bus to Cochabamba. The best part about the buses here is the toilet stops, where everyone jumps out and just goes in the street. I think I have seen more people going to the toilet in the last few weeks then I ever have on my life. (note from Alison - the open air is a better choice than the nasty toilets we found in some places)

In Cochabamba, we stayed in an apartment-type place, with cable tv,a pool, our own little kitchen. It was a lovely place to relax, especailly since the weather there is outstanding. About the only tourist attraction to see there is the giant Jesus on a hill overlooking the city. This makes our 3rd religious figure on a hill visited, but this one was extra special since you actually get to climb up him and peek out of little holes all over his body as you go to get city views. For some random reason, Jesus is surrounded by loudspeakers which blared music the whole time we were on the hill, but we got to climb up him to the tune "In the Navy". I can hardly think of any song less appropriate to climb Jesus to.

And from Cochabamba, it was off to La Paz, the highest capital city in the world at 3670m. (You'll have to see the photo of the bus we took to get there when we get back-- I've never seen so many vendors crammed onto a bus at one time.)

(Continued in La Paz . . .)
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