La Paz, Bolivia


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Adventures in the big cities (con't)
Sun Nov 3, 2002 1:32 pm

With a population of 2.5 million people, all of whom seem to be roaming around the streets at the same time, it is no wonder that so many people get robbed. We havent found too much to see here. We did visit the Coca Museum, which explains the cultural significance of chewing coca and how terrible the US is for banning it. Apparently, Coca-Cola still imports tons of coca every year to flavor its products. We still need to check to see if that is true or not- or it could be another trivia question for all you guys to figure out. Seems unlikely because coca is banned in the US.

We have just been walking around and checking out the markets. We are staying just by the Witches Market, where you too can buy your own llama fetus, or flamingo wings, or have your coca leaves read to see your future. We also went to the huge city cemetery to see what was up for Dia de los Muertos, which happens on Nov 2. There were LOADS of people leaving as we were arriving, so we did get to see the flowers on all the graves. It was like a circus outside, with people selling everything from flowers to ponchos (it started to thunderstorm as we got there, and those street vendors wree right on top of it).

Besides that, we have just been farting around. We have also stumbled upon REAL chinese food just a couple blocks from us at a place called Restaurant Discoteca Jackie Chan. We sat in there for ages yesterday and watched the movie Road Trip, then went out on the town. We also went to the movies and saw Triple XXX. The best part was when they ended up in Columbia and one guy starts freaking out and stuffing all these coca leaves in his pockets, saying something about how much it is worth in the US.The whole audience started cracking up, since probably half of them chew coca everyday, so the idea of stealing 10 leaves for money is a little ridiculous.

Tomorrow we fly with the Bolivian military out to Rurrenebaque to spend three days in the pampas and three days in the jungle, seeing all sorts of new wildlife and soaking up some heat. Keep your fingers crossed that we dont get munched to pieces by the mosquitos.

So, we should have lots of fun stories when we write next. Take care! PATTY and ALISON
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