Ushuaia, Argentina

Southernmost city in the world!


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Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow in El Calafate
Wed Sep 4, 2002 6:42 pm

Trekking in the National Park in Ushuaia turned out to be a pretty good day. A bit brisk, but we only got cold when we sat down to eat our picnic lunch later on in the day. We walked all around the trails, to the end of Route 3, which I believe runs all the way up to Buenos Aires.

On our travels, we saw whole bunches of different birds - caiques (a species of geese that has a brown female and a white male), sea gulls, ducks, and a peregrine falcon.

We also saw tons of ash trees with barba de viejo (old man´s beard lichen) and farolitos chinos (some weird parasitic yellow balls that hang off the ash trees).

The following day, our new Australian friends Sasha and Andrew, and our French friend Romuldo joined us dog sledding, which was quite fun. All of the dogs were excited to work, and worked up a good howl when we arived. Rom, Patty and I took the 7km course. We had about 12 dogs pulling two sleds, us, and the instructor. Rom drove the second sled for the first half of the course (and fell off in the beginning) and I drove for the last 4km. It was a fun and novel experience. My arms hurt the next day. I suppose it was from when we started from a dead standstill and the dogs nearly yanked the sled out from under me to get going.

The next day rained quite a bit. We attempted to go ice skating, but there was more than an inch of water on the surface of the pond, and none of us really wanted to fall down -- we would have been soaked. So we immediately turned around, picked up some beers, and spent the evening inside, in the warmth of our hostel.

The following day a whole bunch of us from the hostel hopped a ride to the airport to fly to El Calafate, home of the Moreno Glacier.

(continued in El Calafate . . .)
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